Heavy Equipment Rental TAX Coalition

The Heavy Equipment Rental Tax (HERT) Coalition was formed by businesses in the heavy equipment rental industry who are disproportionately negatively impacted by states' and localities' tax systems. The top priority of the Coalition is the tax treatment of heavy equipment rentals under the personal property tax. The Coalition works to eliminate these taxes where possible, and, where not, to simplify the way heavy equipment rentals are taxed by replacing existing ad valorem property taxes on heavy equipment with alternative frameworks that radically ease compliance and administration for businesses and governments.


Learn more about the problem with states' current tax systems and what some states are doing to make their tax climate more welcoming to the heavy equipment rental industry.


The Heavy Equipment Rental Tax Coalition is currently engaged in the following states: Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Washington. Explore the heavy equipment rental tax climate in each.


Members of the Heavy Equipment Rental Coalition in individual states can click here to access member materials and information.