Downloadable materials | Oregon

Click below to download printable one-pagers explaining Oregon's existing onerous system for taxing heavy equipment rentals (PDF documents will open in new page).

Oregon is at a disadvantage both regionally and nationally due to its heavy equipment rental tax system. Download a comparison to other states here (last updated January 2018).


Oregon should follow the other 30 plus states that have passed legislation that exempts rental fleet from personal property tax or have exempted the equipment from property tax and replaced it with a new tax that is based on rental transactions. (Last updated January 2018.)


The National Conference of State Legislatures adopted a best practices document in January 2016 urging states to repeal or replace tangible personal property and inventory taxes. Download the NCSL document here.


The American Legislative Exchange Council's Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force adopted a resolution in July 2016 in favor of tangible personal property tax repeal. Download the ALEC document here. 


Our coalition has 14 members representing local Oregon-based businesses, as well as national, public companies with a significant Oregon presence. Click to see a member footprint map.